"Mori has been a valued team member to Miller Dyer Spears in photographing our projects with the goal of providing the best presentation for our promotional needs and client-related goals. He has a sharp eye for the right viewpoint and creatively framing attractive, descriptive images. He understands immediately the architectural features that we value in our designs and the means to express them. Mori is also very responsive to client personalities and sensitivities in setting up and executing photo shoots, and effectively meets our demanding deadlines." 

       Myron Miller, AIA, Principal and CEO, MDS / Miller Dyer Spears Inc.

"I have worked with Mori on the photography of multiple projects, on a variety of project types. His images are always carefully and thoughtfully arranged, capturing the critical features an architect strives to create in a design. His photos evoke a sense of community and place, capturing the life infused into a buildings by its uses and occupants, while still being faithful to the simple form of the structure itself.

The high quality of his images is matched by the quality of his relationships with people. Mori is exceptional at reaching out to clients and users to accommodate their needs and schedules around a shoot, but also at learning as much about a project as possible. He is adept at creating a comfortable and friendly atmosphere at a shoot. Mori has come with me to scouting sessions, and by the time we make it to the actual shoot, he knows the client better than I do! He loves to learn, not just about places but also about people, and that comes through in the detail of his work and approach to photographing architectural environments.

Photo shoots can mean a long day spent with a photographer. While long hours come with the territory, Mori’s sense of humor and affable nature make time spent on his shoots easy and enjoyable. There is little ego in the way Mori works, and the outcome is a collaborative process resulting in images that are exciting to the client, award-winning and marketable for the firm, and reflective of his unique vision as an artist."

       Kyla Astley, Marketing Manager, Perkins + Will

"Mori is not only a fine photographer with a great eye, but meticulous, patient, and graceful under pressure. I would recommend him highly. As an added bonus, working with Mori is delightful!"

       Merill Comeau, Interior Designer and Mixed Media Artist

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mori on two occasions and the results were outstanding. As an architect my work is deeply personal and Mori worked with me to find the best possible shots which would highlight the finished project. This sometimes included working on tall ladders or even a little tree pruning but Mori was always up to the task and I am very pleased with the results. I highly recommend his work!"

       John P. Lynch, Principal, studio J2

"I hired Mori to photograph Boston Public Schools staff and students for the first "We are BPS" calendar. He visited 12 schools and took amazing photos that captured the strong relationships between adults and children in our schools. Throughout the process, Mori was thorough, professional, engaging, creative, patient, and incredibly talented. He has tremendous integrity as an artist and is a pleasure to know. I recommend him highly."

       Christopher Horan, Horan Consulting Group

"Mori is an exceptionally talented photographer who has always been a great joy to work with. I first met Mori over ten years ago when he was a highly valued photography instructor at the Boston Center for Adult Education. His students and colleagues so treasured his contributions that, out of several hundred instructors, he was one of only a handful who was presented with an Outstanding Teacher Award. Since then, I have hired him to photograph large-scale, high-profile events for The Posse Foundation. These events are complex in that there are many moving pieces and people at all times. Mori's flexibility, expertise, and dedication to excellence were instrumental to navigating and photographing this controlled chaos. The staff absolutely adored working with him and, of course, his pictures were beautiful!  I enthusiastically recommend Mori given his skills, creativity, generosity, dependability, and fabulous sense of humor."

       Sue Dalelio, Vice President of Regional Partnerships, Health Leads

"Mori is an outstanding architectural photographer. He's professional, willing to be available and work with the client's schedule. I highly recommend him."

       Lili Banani, Vice President, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

"Mori was recommended by a friend, while I was trying to sell our home.  I had previously been using a professionally made virtual tour to market our place but found that it wasn't working as well as I had expected.  Everything looked a little awkward when represented "virtually" and the views from that were not of the best angles.  After talking with a few architectural photographers, I hired Mori and ended up using his images instead of the virtual tour, with greater success.  He worked on each shot to figure out the best view to represent each of the interior and exterior spaces.  He also took the time to arrange furniture and stage each shot, and used the right lighting and wide-angle lenses to take beautiful pictures of our place that made it look even better than I'd expected.  With Mori's photos I had a stronger response from potential buyers and think that the photos worked really well to attract people's interest rather than have them think they'd already "seen" our home in the virtual tour.  Mori was great to work with from the start, and was also one of the most affordable of the photographers I considered."

       SR, Boston